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Monthly Newsletter

June 2018



Kentucky Core Healthcare Measures Set Finalized



The Kentucky Performance Measures Alignment Committee, consisting of more than 70 experts, has released the core measures set for primary care in the Commonwealth. The Kentucky Core Healthcare Measures Set contains 32 measures in the areas of prevention, pediatrics, chronic and acute care, behavioral health, and cost/utilization....more



KHC Blog Posts



'Amazon, Please Deliver Health Care Prime'


A letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos from a loyal employee, as imagined by a non-employee...more

Measure of the Month:

HPV Immunization


Immunization against human papilloma virus (HPV) has been added to the Immunizations for Adolescents quality measure...more



National Alliance Spring Meeting Focuses on Price, Waste, and Quality


The spring coalition meeting is an opportunity for coalitions to learn from one another and to discuss strategic direction of the National Alliance...more

KHC Update: New Event and Communication System


You may have already noticed that the KHC is using a new event registration platform, Constant Contact. The September Forum is the first event to take place on the new system...more



KHC Events


July 26 | 12:00 PM EST


KHC Webinar: Kentucky Core Healthcare Measures Set


Sept 11 | 7:30 AM EST


StAMINA's Mental Health Research on Youth & their Adult Allies Illuminates

Urgent Need for Action


KHC Member Spotlight


DeAnna Hall, RN

Manager, Corporate Health and Well-being

Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities

"I’ve been in healthcare for over two decades, and my personal goal is to see a healthier community evolve before I retire! Now that everyone (schools, government, employers, non-profits, for profits) are all working towards the common goal of better health, I’m inspired that positive change is right around the corner for the entire region."





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Kentucky's Substance Use Epidemic: A Solutions Update

September 14, 2018


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