The KHC is looking for panelists that demonstrate innovative solutions to address mental health and substance use disorder. All presentations will be chosen based on merit, appeal, relevance, and innovation. Three to four panelists will be selected by a review committee. Each panelist will be asked to speak with a customer that has the primary speaking role for a short 10-minute presentation. All innovation panelists will be asked to be part of a wrap up with questions and answers by the panelists.


• All potential speakers listed in each proposal MUST have agreed to their name being included in the proposal.
• Consultant/Vendor presentations are given only to vendors sponsoring or exhibiting at the conference. KHC Members will be given preference as speakers.
• Proposals submitted by a consultant/vendor should include a customer participant as the primary speaker.
• It is up to the discretion of KHC to make changes to any areas of submitted proposals as necessary.
• If a panelist changes employment, the panelist must notify KHC immediately. It is up to the discretion of KHC whether a session continues or is declined due to employment changes.
• If a proposal is accepted, additional/substitute speakers are not automatically allowed.
• Panelists are required to complete a publication & recording authorization form.
• Panelists are required to participate in a panelist orientation webinar.
• Panelists must submit their presentation by deadlines provided – guidelines and requirements will be sent upon acceptance.
• Please note that panelists will receive complimentary KHC conference registration.
• KHC does not pay for travel or hotel expenses. KHC will provide basic equipment: internet, mic, projection, and screen.

Submitting Panelist Proposals
Panelist submissions are available online.
1. Panelist applications must be submitted online by December 7, 2017.
2. The application must be complete; proposal submission form, title, description and abstract.
3. Spend some time on a good abstract:

• Topic should fit the description.
• Be specific about what the session will cover.
• It should not be a resume of the presenter.

Abstract Scoring Rubric
Rating Scale for items 1-4: 0=poor 1=fair 2=good 3=excellent
• Content. Is the abstract convincing that this is a solid presentation? Does the presentation stand out?
• Appropriateness. Is the topic current, appropriate to panel topic?
• Educational Soundness. Is the presentation educationally sound? Is it more than just an advertisement?
• Expertise. Does the abstract convince you that the speaker knows the topic?

Presenters will be notified of acceptance by December 15, 2018.
• If selected, you must agree to submit presenter bios, photos, Friday, December 22, 2017.
• If accepted, you must submit PowerPoint presentations for your session by Friday, February 9, 2018 for review and approval.

Submit your application below:

KHC Annual Conference Mental Health Innovation Panelist Application

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