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KHC Member Spotlight: Kenneth Wilson

Kenneth Wilson, MD, MS
Norton Healthcare

Job Title: System…
December 21, 2017/by Stephanie Clouser

2017 Round-up: Top Stories from the KHC

Last December, the KHC launched a blog with the goal of improving…
December 20, 2017/by Stephanie Clouser

New Board, New Data Vendor Drives More Project Work for the Kentuckiana Health Collaborative in 2017

The Kentuckiana Health Collaborative’s new Executive Committee…
December 18, 2017/by Randa Deaton

It’s Not Too Late to Promote World Diabetes Day Efforts to Protect our Future

(Note: This guest blog post was written by Andrea Doughty, Louisville…
December 1, 2017/by admin

KHC Member Spotlight: Sandy Bennett

Sandy Bennett

Job Title: Account Executive

November 29, 2017/by Stephanie Clouser

KHC Attends National Alliance of Healthcare Purchasers’ Annual Conference, Employers Take the Wheel

November 29, 2017/by Randa Deaton

Members for KHC/KDMS Measurement Alignment Committee Announced

Members have been selected for the Kentucky Performance Measures…
November 21, 2017/by Stephanie Clouser

A Week of Gathering Opioid Best Practices at U.S. Capital, Hoosier State

The KHC has recently embarked on efforts to contribute to…
November 21, 2017/by Stephanie Clouser

KHC Member Spotlight: Robert Steiner

Robert William Prasaad Steiner, MD, MPH, PhD, FAAFP, DABPM
October 19, 2017/by Stephanie Clouser

High School Students Found Action Group to Improve KY Youth Mental Health

Guest Blog written by Allison Tu, Junior, duPont Manual High…
October 19, 2017/by admin

Call for Applications – KY Performance Measures Alignment Committee

Recently, KHC announced the creation of a public-private partnership…
October 11, 2017/by Stephanie Clouser

The Rising Cost of Healthcare: Message from the National Affordability Summit

Healthcare leaders and policy experts gathered in Washington,…
October 6, 2017/by Teresa Couts

What is Your Organization Doing to Address the Opioid Crisis?

Last week, KHC announced that we have been selected to be part…
October 3, 2017/by Stephanie Clouser

KHC Member Spotlight: Reita Jones

Reita Jones
Kentucky Department for Public Health

September 28, 2017/by Stephanie Clouser

KHC Joins Forces with Other Healthcare Stakeholders in Measurement Alignment Initiative

At last week’s Kentucky Medical Group Management Association…
September 28, 2017/by Stephanie Clouser

Movie Screening Illustrates Need for Mental Health Resources

I was recently touched by a story about a high school football…
September 28, 2017/by Michele Ganote

KHC Selected for National Opioid Stewardship Action Team

It’s no secret that opioid addiction is a problem in Kentucky…
September 28, 2017/by Stephanie Clouser

Mental Health Integration: the Focus of 2018 Annual KHC Conference

In planning our 2018 annual conference, the KHC Executive Committee…
September 13, 2017/by Randa Deaton

KHC Member Spotlight: Jason Scherzinger

Jason Scherzinger
Anthem National Accounts

Job Title: Program…
August 29, 2017/by Stephanie Clouser

HealthDoers Network: The “Facebook” of Health Improvement

If you work to improve community health and healthcare, then…
August 16, 2017/by Randa Deaton

KHC Member Spotlight: Sarah Moyer

Sarah Moyer, MD, MPH
Director, Louisville Metro Department…
July 28, 2017/by Stephanie Clouser

The Rise and Evolution of Onsite and Near-site Clinics

A few decades ago, I remember sitting in a meeting with our company…
July 26, 2017/by Randa Deaton

KHC Member Spotlight: Vicki Welch


Vicki Welch
Louisville Metro Council
Vicki Welch is…
May 24, 2017/by Stephanie Clouser

KHC Member Spotlight: Don Lovasz

(Note: this member spotlight was first published in the April…
May 24, 2017/by Stephanie Clouser
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