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Action items to address healthcare affordability in the region identified at Community Health Forum

It’s no secret that we have a problem with healthcare affordability…
December 12, 2018/by Stephanie Clouser

National Affordability Summit Sets the Stage for Local Healthcare Affordability Event

“I’ll do my part by collaborating with others to improve…
October 17, 2018/by Randa Deaton

QPR Reflections: Suicide Prevention Training Hits Home

It sounds like a cliché to say that you never think it will happen to you until it does. But that’s exactly how it is. And I would recommend that anyone learn how to have that conversation and develop that vocabulary, through QPR or a similar program. Because you never know when you might need those skills.
October 2, 2018/by Stephanie Clouser

Louisville’s Multi-year Focus on Suicide Prevention Ramps up to Set a World Record, Save Lives

(Note: This guest post was written by London Saunders Roth, Local…
August 30, 2018/by admin

Regarding Youth Mental Health: Parents Appreciate Sharing of Ideas, Emphasize Communication with Schools

(Note: This guest post was written Stephen O’Connor, PhD, Assistant…
July 24, 2018/by admin

What is Functional Medicine?

(Note: This blog post was written by Carl Paige, MD, independent…
May 30, 2018/by Stephanie Clouser

Our Community’s Obesity Fatigue and a Forum to Renew Discussions

When the Kentuckiana Health Collaborative (KHC) was formed…
April 23, 2018/by Randa Deaton

Photo Gallery: 2018 KHC Conference

Photos from 2018 KHC Annual Conference, "Connecting Mental and Physical Health: Successful Models of Integrated Care."
March 27, 2018/by Stephanie Clouser

KHC Annual Conference Meets Organization Goals, Starts Conversation Around Mental Health

Despite the second nor’easter in two years to interfere…
March 27, 2018/by Randa Deaton

The Complete Guide to Workplace Mental Health

(Note: This column was written by Mike Veny, CEO for Mike Veny,…
February 27, 2018/by admin

Moving Past the Stigma of Addiction: Implementing National Principles of Care

(Note: this column was written by Samantha Arsenault, Director…
February 20, 2018/by admin

Achieving Population Health through Mental Health Integration & Team-Based Care

KHC 4th Annual Conference Preview and Guest Blog: Scott Hammer,…
January 25, 2018/by admin
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