The KHC provides an opportunity for employers to share best practices around employee health and wellness.  If you are an HR Manager, Benefit Manager, Multi-Employer Trust Fund Administrator, or have responsibility for your company’s healthcare benefits and wellness and would like to be invited to this event, please email Michele Ganote.

Trends in Benefit Design & Specialty Drug Management with the Midwest Business Group on Health

Join the KHC for an intimate discussion with the Midwest Business Group on Health (MBGH) one of the nation’s leading non-profit business groups of mid- and large, self-insured public and private employers.  MBGH has over 130 members who provide health benefits to over 4 million lives and spend more than $4 billion annually on health care benefits.

KHC members will have the opportunity to interact with the energetic duo of Larry Boress, MBGH President & CEO, and Cheryl Larson, MBGH Vice President. Larry will discuss the strategic national perspective on healthcare benefits, potential impacts, and key considerations for implementation. Cheryl will provide an update on the landscape of specialty drugs and the MBGH’s National Employer Initiative on Specialty Drugs a multi-year, employer-driven research project.

At this event, you will:

  • Learn what levers employers are pulling to effectively manage medical and pharmacy benefits that can support your cost management efforts.
  • Hear the results of MBGH’s annual employer benchmarking survey focused on benefit design priorities, worksite wellness activities and specialty drug management. Other sister coalitions are included in the survey results providing a broad overview of employers across the country.
    • We encourage you to participate in a condensed version of this survey to enable local comparisons to the national survey findings. The results will be presented at this event (if we have at least 10 employers completing the survey!).  Go to this link to complete the survey. If you cannot attend the event, we could still use your input. Thanks!
  • Identify the key challenges and opportunities in managing specialty drugs, what is preventing employers from experiencing real cost relief and effectively managing patient outcomes and strategies for what to do about it.
    • We encourage you to pull up your company’s data on specialty drugs prior to the meeting to familiarize yourself with your cost and utilization trends. Click here on measure recommendations. NOTE: You are not expected to share these results.  
  • Hear the latest employer benchmarking research on specialty drug management and gain access no-cost tools and resources to support employer efforts in managing this challenging benefit.

DATE: Thursday, February 16, 2017

TIME: 7:30 – 10:00 a.m., Breakfast at 7:30

LOCATION: Ford Motor Company, Louisville Assembly Plant, 2000 Fern Valley Rd., Louisville, KY 40213

AUDIENCE: Employers, Trust Fund Personnel, Benefit Professionals

REGISTRATION: Email Michele Ganote for eligibility.


Larry Borress, President and CEO

Midwest Business Group on Health

Larry joined the coalition in 1991 and became its president in 2006. Founded in 1980, the Chicago-based MBGH is composed of over 130 self-funded, large, public and private multi-state organizations providing health benefit for over 4 million covered lives. MBGH focuses on enhancing the value of health benefits, increasing the productivity and health of covered populations and enhancing the safety, cost and quality of local health care marketplaces. Prior to MBGH, he spent 17 years at the Illinois State Medical Society.

Today, Mr. Boress advocates for the “Purchaser” perspective of health care. He assists employers in their health benefit designs, worksite wellness and incentive programs. He leads MBGH’s community initiatives, including the Leapfrog Group’s patient safety activities in Illinois, efforts to reduce early elective deliveries and promoting the Choosing Wisely initiative to reduce unnecessary medical care.

He oversees MBGH’s group purchasing and health benefit services activities, providing information, fee negotiation and performance reviews for employers on health plans, condition management services, pharmacy benefits and transparency services. He is a co-founder of the Private Exchange Evaluation Collaborative (PEEC), an entity offering unbiased, objective information, advice and services on private health insurance exchanges.

He also serves as Executive Director of the National Association of Worksite Health Centers, an affiliate of MBGH, dedicated to expanding the knowledge and capabilities of employer-sponsors of onsite health, pharmacy, fitness and wellness centers.

Cheryl Larson, Vice President

Midwest Business Group on Health

Cheryl leads MBGH’s educational and networking activities focused on health benefits management, health improvement and health care reform. Additionally, she oversees several major employer research projects including: National Employer Initiative on Specialty Pharmacy, Value-based Benefit Design Research Series and Preventive Benefits & the ACA. Founded in 1980, MBGH is a leading national employer coalition with over 120 self-insured public and private employers represented by human resources/benefits professionals, who provide health care benefits for more than 4 million individuals.

Cheryl joined MBGH in 1983 and served as the Director of Membership Development. In 1996, she went on to work for a population health management company, serving as the Director of Employer Services. She returned to MBGH in 2006. She is a national speaker on MBGH research, offering expertise on employer best practices in value-based benefits, incentives, consumerism, engagement, wellness, communications and biologic/specialty drug management.

She currently serves as a member of the Advisory Council of the Center for Employee Health Studies at the University of Illinois/Chicago School of Public Health and in recent years has served on various industry boards.