Kentuckiana Metro on the Move Program

Since 2009, thanks to a grant from the Anthem WellPoint Foundation, employers and local organizations have had access to the Kentuckiana Metro on the Move (KMOM) online wellness program.  KMOM provided participants an easy to use, web-based physical activity and weight loss tracking program.  This program assisted worksites, labor groups, and organizations in improving health.

Using individual and team virtual challenges, employers, individuals, and organizations increased physical activities in their environments, while reducing obesity in our community.  Your dedication to health and well-being has been commendable.

When the KMOM site was developed, this online tracking program was an innovative system.  The program tracked physical activity progress, converted multiple physical activities into steps, tracked weight loss and BMI over time, and allowed creation of custom challenge routes to compete with other users individually or in teams.  Today many employers have created their own websites and individual users have apps available to them either online or from their smartphones.

With the availability of many physical activity tracking programs, the Kentuckiana Metro on the Move program and website will close and be discontinued on December 31, 2012.  The Kentuckiana Health Collaborative website will not be affected and will remain active.

We appreciate your involvement in the Kentuckiana Metro on the Move program over the years.  We wish you continued success in promoting healthy lifestyles in our community.

Free Worksite Wellness Program

Join the NEW Kentuckiana Metro on the Move (KMOM) community worksite wellness program proudly supported by the Anthem Foundation. It’s FUN! It’s FREE! This web-based physical activity and weight loss tracking program uses innovative technology to motivate your employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Employees can have fun competing individually or in teams in easy, virtual challenges. Register your worksite by completing the Workplace Registration Form. It’s not too late to join the Around the World in 80 Days Fitness Challenge!

Stay turned for our November-December Holiday pounds challenge!

REGISTER TODAY! Making Wellness Work For You – Trends 2011 Conference

REGISTER today for the Making Wellness Work for You – Trends 2011 Conference.

DATE:   Wednesday, May 18th

TIME:   7:30 am—12:00 pm

LOCATION:   Louisville Marriott Downtown – 280 West Jefferson Street

COST:   $35/person @

AGENDA:   Making Worksite Wellness Work for You – Trends 2011 Conference

REGISTRATION DEADLINE:    Thursday, May 12th

Enjoy this unique high quality, low cost worksite wellness conference where you will:

  • Learn the new worksite wellness trends of award winning organizations
  • Learn how healthcare reform impacts worksite wellness
  • Hear wellness successes
  • Hear the findings of the Health Impact Assessment on Kentucky Worksite Wellness Tax Credit
  • Learn how to effectively implement fair and compliant incentives
  • Learn how to achieve high program participation

For questions, please call Randa Deaton at 502-238-3601 and/or Teresa Lovely at 270-202-1585.

Hollywood Walk to Fame Fitness & Weight Loss Challenges January 11th – March 7th, 2011

Join one of our new Kentuckiana Metro on the Move, Hollywood Walk to Fame Challenges and get moving to a healthier you!

There are two fitness challenges:  1) Individual – minimum of 10,000 steps per day and 2) Team – minimum of 8,000 average steps/day.  Both challenges start in New York and finish in Los Angeles. Along the route, watch for the points of interest that pop-up as you travel through famous Academy Award-Winning Actors and Actresses hometowns.  Keep up your goal steps during the challenge to be eligible for PRIZE drawings!

Is 2011 your year to get rid of unwanted pounds? Join our 8-week Hollywood Weight Loss Challenge on January 11th to kick start your 2011 weight loss plan. Tips and tricks will pop up for every 2 lb milestone you reach. Read the instructions to see how you could be entered into a cash prize drawing at the end of the challenge. Get your coworkers and friends to join and compete to see who will lose the most weight during this fun, Hollywood challenge.

Hollywood Walk to Fame Flyer

Hollywood Walk To Fame Fitness Instructions

Hollywood Walk to Fame Weight Loss Instructions

WINNERS Announced in Around the World Fitness Challenge

Congratulations to the Kentuckiana Metro on the Move Worksite Wellness Winners!

Most Physically Active Worksite:  University of Louisville – Get Healthy Now
Most Physically Active Team (Team Challenge):  Norton Brownsboro Engineering
Most Physically Active (Active Challenge):  Sharon Lawless, Louisville Metro Government
Most Improved (Active Challenge):  Thomas Bookout, Investors Heritage Life Insurance
Most Physically Active (Moderate Challenge):  Sherry Bray, E-ON U.S.
Most Improved (Moderate Challenge):  Gail Raque, Norton Healthcare
Most Physically Active Team (All Registered Teams):  FBT, Frost Brown Todd
$100 Prize Drawing Winner—10,000 average steps/day:  Sharon Lawless, Louisville Metro Govt
$100 Prize Drawing Winner—Completing Challenge:  Kassy Parrott, Norton Healthcare
Milestone & Pedometer Winners:  1) Kathleen Gumbel – Commonwealth Bank & Trust, 2) Lisa Harnett – Frost Brown Todd, 3) Linda Williams – KY Sleep Medicine Specialists, 4) Seth Thomas – Norton Healthcare, 5) Nicholas Reisenbichler – Hilliard Lyons, 6) Dusty Spear – Norton Healthcare, 7) Leanne Edelen – Kentucky School for the Blind, 8 ) Paula Soder – UL Get Healthy Now

Maintain…Don’t Gain – Holiday Pounds Challenge

Did you know that the average American gains one to five pounds over the holiday season and never loses this weight? This one- to five-pound weight gain can turn into 10, 20 or even 50 pounds over the course of a decade.  Join our 2010 Holiday Pounds challenge to MAINTAIN your weight and NOT GAIN (see flyer) from November 29th through January 3rd.  Maintain or lose weight during the challenge to be entered into prize drawings.  For detailed instructions and prize eligibility, please click here.

Around the World in 80 Days Scavenger Hunt Fitness Challenge

Travel virtually around the world in 80 days to seven different exotic destinations. Your scavenger hunt starts with your first step when a clue will appear on your screen to give you a hint as to where you will be travelling next on this fantastic voyage. Just track your daily physical activity and enter it daily or weekly.

Join an individual and/or team challenge that meets your fitness level. WIN PRIZES!!!!! Every time you reach your clue destination by the target date, you will be entered into a random draw for a USB pedometer! If you return to Louisville by the last day of the challenge or average 10,000 steps during the challenge, you will be entered into cash prize drawings!

Latest USB Pedometer Prizer Winners:  Nicholas Reisenbichler of Hilliard Lyons and Dusty Spear of Norton Healthcare