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KHC Employer Members Learn from Montana Commissioner

On February 7, the KHC hosted a special one-hour discussion with Marilyn Bartlett, Montana Commissioner of Insurance. Bartlett spent two years running Montana’s employee health plan, where she made better deals with hospitals and drug benefits managers and saved the plan from bankruptcy. Bartlett shared Montana’s journey to save $15.6 million in 2018 over the […]

2018 Round-up: Top Stories from the KHC

Two years ago, the KHC launched a blog with the goal of improving communication with our members and the community about KHC activities, partner work, local and national news, and industry updates. In what has become an annual tradition, we are ending 2018 with a “Best of” for our blog, looking at posts that have had the […]

KHC Member Spotlight: Dawn FitzGerald

Dawn FitzGerald, MS Qsource Job Title: CEO Member of KHC for: Four and a half years Dawn’s responsibilities include leading corporate strategy and business plan development, maintaining positive relations between Qsource and its partners and stakeholders, and serving as the organization’s spokesperson – locally and nationally. What do you see as the biggest threat to our […]

Action items to address healthcare affordability in the region identified at Community Health Forum

It’s no secret that we have a problem with healthcare affordability in this country. Each day, there are new headlines that highlight this problem. We are all familiar with these headlines. But what do we do about it? That’s exactly what we addressed in last week’s Community Health Forum, “The Path to Affordable Healthcare.” In […]

Measure of the Month: Low Back Pain

This week, the KHC launched a project dedicated to healthcare affordability, in partnership with NRHI. The movement, called Affordable Care Together, is focused on health, price, and waste — the three drivers of affordable healthcare. The KHC has long been a trusted partner in reporting healthcare quality performance data. But you can’t address quality without […]