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2020 KHC Annual Conference Brings Local and National Experts to Focus on “Humanizing Healthcare”

Engaging and activating consumers is necessary to optimize patient outcomes, but figuring out how to do it is the billion-dollar question. Unfortunately, patients often receive the bulk of the blame for their lack of compliance, literacy, action, and responsibility in the healthcare system, despite the “system” never being designed with them in mind.  A few […]

Managing Drug Spend in the New Frontier of Pharmaceuticals

The cost of prescription drugs has become a kitchen table topic and has increasingly become part of a larger national policy conversation. Prescription drug spending accounted for 10% of the share of national health spending in 2017 with an increased share of health spending for employers at 21%, Medicare at 30%, and private insurance at […]

KHC Highlights Hospital Price Variation, Recruits Employers, Hospitals, and Health Plans for Workgroup

Last month, a new hospital price study by RAND Corporation revealed that depending on which side of the Ohio River they live, individuals with private insurance who receive hospital services pay more to Hoosier hospitals than to those in the Bluegrass State. On June 4, the Kentuckiana Health Collaborative brought together key healthcare stakeholders to […]

KHC Highlights Work at the Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit

For the past couple of years, Kentucky employers have come together to not only address the opioid crisis within their own population but at a broader community level through the Kentuckiana Health Collaborative, and we had the opportunity to highlight that work last week at the Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit. The summit brings […]

KHC Fifth Annual Conference to Focus on High Value Behavioral Healthcare

On March 5, the KHC’s annual conference will move from a broad based view of value-based healthcare innovation to a deep dive into what many would say is Kentucky’s most important healthcare priority – behavioral healthcare. This conference will examine how employers, payers, and providers can ensure individuals have access to timely, appropriate mental health […]