Trends in Benefit Design Evolution

Event Overview

Join the KHC for an intimate discussion with Dr. Scott Conard to hear the latest strategic national perspectives of healthcare benefits, potential impacts, and key considerations for implementation. Dr. Conard is a well-known national speaker on the topic of employer health benefits strategies and the business value of workforce health.

According to Conard, “The most common diseases affecting Americans today (heart disease, cancer, pre-diabetes, and diabetes) have a 5 – 15 year window before they are usually recognized and treated where they can be reversed or slowed dramatically, but often are not even recognized.  The importance of stress and mental health also plays a significant role in well-being.  Issues such as caregiving, drive time to work, and changes in one’s social group are as influential in well- being such as current blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.” Dr. Conard works as a consultant helping employers create the right incentives and environments for employees to become engaged in their well-being, and to prevent, not just treat conditions. Dr. Conard practices medicine in Texas and is the author of five books.

The session objectives are to:

  1. Provide an overview of the current benefit design landscape
  2. Discuss the role of benefit design models in the evolving healthcare systems and potential impacts of these models
  3. Describe the key considerations and challenges in developing and implementing new benefit design offerings

Our Guest Speaker

Scott Conard, MD

Dr. Conard works at the intersection of health system effectiveness, organizational leadership, and individual well-being.


KHC Employer Members Only

Please be prepared to discuss your current benefit priorities you would like discussed during this session.

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