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Seeking Employers to Partner in Addressing Kentucky's Opioid Crisis

Kentucky businesses are collaborating in a cohort to help combat…

Pain - Reflections on the Employer and Employee Experience

We all experience pain. Perhaps you woke up this morning and…

Kentucky Core Healthcare Measures Set Expands to 38 Adult and Pediatric Primary Care Measures

Stephanie Clouser After a summer of deliberations by committees,…

HPV Vaccination - An important, but Neglected, Piece to Adolescent Vaccine Series

(Note: This guest piece was written by Elizabeth Holtsclaw,…

KHC Member Spotlight: Jenny Goins

As Commissioner of the Department of Employee Insurance, Jenny manages the Kentucky Employees' Health Plan. With 265,000 members, it's the largest self-insured health plan in the Commonwealth. She is also responsible for optional employer sponsored Group Life, Dental, and Vision Insurance programs.

Call for Public Comment: Proposed Changes to KY Core Healthcare Measures Set

2018 KY Core Healthcare Measures Set Modifications are being…

PRESS RELEASE: Randa Deaton Elected to National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalition Board

Press Release from National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser…

KHC Highlights Hospital Price Variation, Recruits Employers, Hospitals, and Health Plans for Workgroup

Last month, a new hospital price study by RAND Corporation revealed…

StAMINA Releases Student-Led Podcast “Brain Waves”

All Brain Waves Podcast Episodes On any given day, I…

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