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KHC Expands Group Practice Reporting Beyond Kentuckiana

For the first time this year, Kentuckiana Health Collaborative has expanded its group practice performance quality reporting beyond Kentuckiana. This summer, more than 250 group practices for primary care, women’s health, and endocrinology received feedback on preventive care, pediatric care, acute care and chronic disease care measures.

KHC Member Spotlight: Vicki Welch

  Vicki Welch Louisville Metro Council Vicki Welch is a Metro Councilwoman for Louisville’s District 13, where she serves her constituents and works with legislations involving Louisville Metro ordinances. Councilwoman Welch has been a member of the KHC for more than four years.   What are you currently working on that you are most excited about? How do you think it will drive […]

KHC Member Spotlight: Don Lovasz

(Note: this member spotlight was first published in the April 2017 KHC Newsletter. To receive the KHC Monthly Newsletter, click here.) Don Lovasz KentuckyOne Health Partners Job Title: President and CEO of KentuckyOne Health Partners (KHP). Lovasz leads a team of employees, partnerships, and contractual organizations to bring better health, better care, better experience, and […]

KHC Member Spotlight: Bryan Loy

(Note: this member spotlight was first published in the March 2017 KHC Newsletter. To receive the KHC Monthly Newsletter, click here.) Dr. Bryan Loy Humana Job Titles: VP Oncology Laboratory and Personalized Medicine; Cancer and Lab Strategy Clinical Leader and Louisville Health Advisory Co-Chair Member of KHC for: 10 years KHC Committee Participation: Diabetes and community initiatives […]

KHC Member Spotlight: Jim DeMasters

(Note: this member spotlight was first published in the February 2017 KHC Newsletter. To receive the KHC Monthly Newsletter, click here.) Jim DeMasters Novo Nordisk Inc KY Diabetes Network (KDN) American Diabetes Association (ADA) Job Titles and Description: Market Access Account and Executive Kentucky Board Member, ADA and KDN Provides access to Novo Nordisk medications, […]

Reporting Round-up: Update of KHC Measurement

Spring always marks a flurry of activity for KHC measurement, and this spring has been no exception. If it’s been a while since you’ve caught up on all that the KHC is doing, be sure to read the update below. 2016 Individual Reports for both the region and the state went out in early May. […]

Measure Reduction an Integral Part of Quality Measurement

Do the following quotes sound familiar to you?  “There are 12 different measures that essentially measure slight variations of the same thing.” “Providers obviously can’t focus on 72 different things to improve, especially if they’re doing 72 different things for each separate payer.” “It’s a lot of noise.” These are the kinds of things that […]

2017 County Health Rankings Now Available

Last week, Robert Wood Johnson’s 2017 County Health Rankings Report was released. The report, which provides data about population health at a county level, summarizes key national findings, as well as state and county trends. Users can explore the data using the interactive online tool or even download spreadsheets of data for their own use. […]