KHC Co-Executive Directors Recognized for Compassionate Work

Randa Deaton, Teresa Couts

KHC Co-Executive Directors Randa Deaton and Teresa Couts were recognized in Insider Louisville this week in honor of the Commitment to Compassion Achievement Award they received in 2016 for their work in community healthcare. They were selected for the award because of their dedicated efforts to quality healthcare through communication, coordination and collaboration with multiple stakeholders throughout Southern Indiana and Kentucky, truly embodying KHC’s mission and values. Insider Louisville reminds us all of the amazing work Kentuckiana Health Collaborative achieves every day under the direction of our dedicated leaders. Congratulations again to Teresa and Randa!

Teresa and Randa were highlighted ahead of this year’s award ceremony, which will be held February 7 at the Muhammad Ali Center. Click here to read the full article and find out how to nominate other compassion advocates for this year’s Commitment to Compassion Awards, hosted by Insider Louisville, Passport Health Plan and Compassionate Louisville’s Healthcare Constellation.